10TONS are making zoological- and botanical models as well as paleontologic reconstructions. We have build full size whales and dinosaurs. We have build micro organisms tall as a house. We have made small scientific models of plankton and prehistoric creatures - supervised by leading scientists. No matter what size or shape we make, we make it in first class quality.


Inspiration and cooperation.

We have known Julia Stoess from Insektenmodelle for many years. Our friendship has been a source of great inspiration. The last couple of years we have had the pleasure of working together.

This cooperation brings along a lot of inspiration and new ideas for projects and in addition supports our technical and artistical development.

Some of our models are produced by this kind of shared labor, so that each of us contributes his/her special talents and particular technical skills .

In this way we can ensure that our customers always receive first class and lifelike models.


Videos of us and how we work

10tons from PROFOUND on Vimeo.


Who is who


REFERENCES around the world


Liks list for clients:


Victoria Museum


Univesity of Queensland 



Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University, California


Peabody Museum at Yale University


Yale University


Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center


Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Fort Hays, Kansas


The University of Texas at Austin




Aquarium de Paris




University of Bristol




Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, Karlsruhe


Lokschuppen Ausstellungszentrum Rosenheim


Staatliches Museum Für Naturkunde Stuttgart


Humboldt Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin


Museum Wiesbaden


Ozeanarium Stralsund


Leiterin Fossilienmuseum, Dotternhausen




Paläontoligisches Institut und Museum, Zürich


Muséum d´histoire naturelle in Geneva


Natural History Museum in Bern







Polaria, Tromsø


The Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo


Norges fiskerimuseum, Bergen



Czech republic

Natural history museum in Prague






Statens Naturhistoriske Museum/Geologisk museum


Danmarks Akvarium/Den blå planet/ THE BLUE PLANET


Geocenter Møn


Geomuseum Faxe


Nordsø Museet/Oceanarium




Fiskeri og Søfartsmuseet/ FIMUS


Botanical Garden, Science Museeums in Aarhus




Fjord og bæltcentret


Øresunds Akvariet


Kattegat Centret

  • case: Dykkerklokke


Odense City Museeum


Natur Bornholm

  • case: Huayangosaurus
  • case: Ferganasaurus verzilini
  • case: Megalosaur



Greenland Institute of Natural Resources in Nuuk, Greenland


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Esben Horn's reconstructions are outstanding in their combination of artistry and scientific accuracy. His Panderichthys model, prepared in close consultation with me, is in my opinion the most accurate model of a transitional fish-tetrapod ever produced. "

P. E. Ahlberg, Professor of Evolutionary Organismal Biology, 
Subdepartment of Evolution and Development, Department of Organismal Biology, Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University


Esben has a unique ability to take all scientific evidence and, without compromise, making the most correct and life-like model of anything from a single celled eukaryote or lowly Cambrian plated worm to a majestic baleen whale. Esben can recreate anything that has ever existed on earth in the most naturalistic and scientifically correct way. "

Jakob Vinther, Lecturer in Macroevolution Bristol University, Departments of Biological and Earth Sciences



If you want to have a brilliant model for exhibition, outreach or teaching 10 Tons is your first choice. With the placoderm model made by 10 Tons the press release for our Nature paper on the evolution of teeth in the first jawed vertebrates was a huge success. "

Dr. Martin Rücklin, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden - Netherlands



Working with Esben Horn and his crew at 10 Tons Studios really is a mind blowing experience. Their professionalism and utmost respect for natural science and the anatomy of long extinct organisms result in fascinating, life-like sculptures. Moreover, the 10 Tons team oozes a rare combination of creativity and contagious humor, all set in a super friendly atmosphere. Your eyes will literally pop as you watch your favorite fossil organism come to life. Guaranteed! "

Mats Eriksson, Professor, Dept. of Geology, Lund University - Sweden


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