Sakis Tolis with Brezinacantha tolis trophy

Brezinacantha tolis trophy

Palaeontologist Ben THUY from MNHN in Luxembourg gave me the honour to chose a name for a new species of prehistoric brittle stars. My choice was my top favourite band, Rotting Christ.
Here is frontman SAKIS Tolis with a tribute sculpture we made of Brezinacantha tolis.

Etymology: Species named after Sakis and Themis Tolis, founding members of a Greek Black Metal band, to honour their unorthodox yet powerful approach to music. The ophiuroids described herein merit in many ways a Black-Metal-referenced name: they gathered in great numbers in a spooky, toxic environment on top of their dead predecessors’ remains. The species name is entirely the responsibility of the lead author, Ben Thuy.

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