Deep Sea Creatures - Interactive Catalogue Interactive Scientific Exhibit The Centre of Ecological Education HYDROPOLIS / WROCŁAW Investor: MPWIK Wrocław

Scientific modelling: 10 TONS

Design Concept & Art Direction: Łukasz Markiewicz & Avishay Ave Hadari Graphic design : Łukasz Markiewicz & Maciej Ochęcki, Marek Wadas Video contents postproduction & animations by Tomasz Sarna Technical management : Karol Ornatowski, Justyna Jaworska, Jan Witkowski, Michał Hnatowski Textual contents and research study: Tomasz Natora, Avishay Ave Hadari ARTFM Photographs & 3D renders: Artfm Łukasz Markiewicz Hydropolis Radio Wrocław Avishay Ave Hadari Underwater video footages : MBARI PROJECT INFO Location: Wrocław, Poland Year: 2015 Size: 4000 m² Investor: Municipal Waterworks and Drainage Company Ltd. in Wrocław Scope: design for the exhibition arrangement, narrative script, interior designs, interactive installation prototype designs, multimedia designs and production. The HYDROPOLIS Environmental Education Center is a unique place, combining education with modern forms of exhibition. The main subject of the exhibition is water – a substance that is everywhere on our planet. This is a narrative exhibition. Visitors actively take part in the story of the origins of water in the universe, encounter the incredible creatures from the depths of the ocean, and take to the surface to understand its imperative function in the environment and its role in human vital functions. They also learn the history of water engineering, from Antiquity to present-day methods of water management. HYDROPOLIS is a place where diverse multimedia technologies, art installations, replicas and real-life models serve a common goal: to show water from varied and fascinating perspectives. A historical 19th-century underground pure water reservoir has been adapted for the purposes of the exhibition.