In our design gallery, you will find creations in which art meets science. Design is our playground where we take a break from the strictly scientific work.  

Here are playgrounds, exhibition designs, leather creations and hanging scupltural installations. Some are made in cooperation with other designers - some are made by 10 Tons alone.

10.000 Years of Creativity jellyfish, model making giant skull, model making giant dandelion, natural history, botany, model making Leather Heart, RAGNAROCK, ROMUS Oak leaf, 6 m. Made for Botanical Garden, Science Museeums in Aarhus. Made from leather, fiber glass and steel. Leather Seals Leather Spider
Jellyfish plate Brezinacantha tolis trophy Six giant sculptures for SUPERFLEX´project “All That We Know” Evolution Wall, designed and build by Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt Water Tiger Gigant Apple Cancer pagurus Bergen Rock Fossils on tour Pollen Gamla
Eyeball Alchemist Leather Globe Melusinaster alissawhitegluzae Labyrinth to the school service at Vestforbrænding Leather Claw planktoncloud Stralsund Leather ants planktoncloud Nuuk


Apart from making models on demand 10 Tons is also working with exhibition design and solutions for playgrounds.
In 2013 10 Tons won a sketch project for the new permanent exhibition about human evolution at NHM in Oslo, in copetition with two other design companies.

Rock Fossils on tour


Rock Fossils on tour

In cooperation with Geomuseum Faxe and paleontologist Mats Eriksson, 10 Tons developed the exhibition "Heavy Metal & Punk Fossils". The exhibition showing models of Silurian bristle worms named after heavy metal rock stars is continually being extended. The exhibition will be on display at NHM in Oslo from August until November 2014.


This exhibition can be booked for at minimum 3 month on request.

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