Malacosteus niger, zoological model

Malacosteus niger

Malacosteus niger (30 cm.) 

Thanks to Peter Rask Møller and Jørgen G. Nielsen, SNM.

This fish goes by the name of lightless loosejaw, and belongs to the fish family of barbeled dragonfish. It is the species of dragonfish with the longest fangs and an largest gape. However impressive teeth, it rather feeds on plankton than fish. The lightless loosejaw lives in oceans around the world, from tropical to subarctic waters in depths of 500 - 3886 m, and grows into 25 cm in length.

It is believed to be the only member of the dragonfish family that does not undergo diel, vertical migrations, and hence prefer to stay below depths of 500 m. However scary looking the fish is harmless to humans.