Regalecus glesne, zoological model

Regalecus glesne

Regalecus glesne, (5 m.) 

Thanks to Peter Rask Møller and Jørgen G. Nielsen, SNM.

Also known as Giant Oarfish or King of Herrings, this is the longest bony fish alive, growing up to
11 meters in length. That means it takes quite a few fishermen standing shoulder by shoulder to hold the fish up for photos. Giant Oarfish are not fished commercially, but are occasionally caught as bycatch. They live in solitude, and are globally distributed, except for the polar regions.

The greatly elongated shape of their bodies means that the undulating mode of swimming resemble that of a sea snake - this have led to speculation that the Giant Oarfish might be the source of many "sea serpent" sightings, however it being distinguishable in coloration with the sparkling silver and bright red dorsal and pelvic fins.