Rock Fossils on tour

Rock Fossils on tour

Rock Fossils On Tour is a traveling exhibition of fossils named after rock, punk and heavy metal singers.

When a scientist discovers a new and unknown fossil, he gets to give it a scientific name. Some choose a name that reflects the shape of the animal, some choose a name that relates to where it’s found, and others choose to name it after their favorite rock stars. 

The exhibition “Rock Fossils” celebrates the fossils, the scientists and the rock stars. It celebrates that the no-shit attitude of the rock world has reached all the way into the corners of scientifical research. When the exhibition opened for the first time at Geomuseum Faxe in 2013 it attracted a surprisingly large amount of attention in medias all over the world – despite the fact that it only consisted of two reconstructions and a couple of posters at that time. Since then it has grown (and keeps growing) and today it consists of several reconstructions that has started touring in customized Marshall-stack-look-like flight cases with wheels and alu corners, that are easily transformed into exhibition display cases using only a few clicks.

First stop on the tour was the Museum of Natural History in Oslo. Since then the exhibition has visited Natural History Museum Bern, Fossilienmuseum Dotternhausen, NaturBornholm, Natural History Museum Chemnitz, Geomuseum Faxe, Geocenter Møn and Natural History Museum Luxembourg.



This exhibition can be booked for at minimum 3 month on request.