Victoria cruziana 80 cm. Cast of real leaf made for NHM in Oslo.

Victoria cruziana

Victoria cruziana 80 cm. Cast of real leaf.

This Santa Cruz water lily, water platter, or yrupe, is a tropical species of flowering plant, of the family of water lilies native to South America, primarily Argentina and Paraguay. The plant is a popular water garden plant in botanical gardens all over the world, where its impressive leaves can reach their fullest, up to 2 m wide with a thick rim up to 20 cm high! These green leaves lie flat on the water surface, with a pie-looking crust edge, that is folded upwards in the air.

A 25 cm diameter flower blooms for two days, arising from the underwater bud, as a white flower that turns to a deep pink on the second and final day of its bloom.

The genus name was given in honour of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.